Funeral Acolytes

If you have a desire to become more an active participant during a funeral Mass, the altar-serving ministry is a great way to do so, by participating in a more intimate way. The primary duty is to assist the priest with designated tasks done in a certain form with attention, dignity and reverence. Proper server etiquette and tasks are reviewed/taught by more senior acolytes, in brief instructional sessions using a written guide and serving as the third acolyte during the funeral mass. There are few requirements for this ministry: to have been baptized and to be able to receive Holy Communion.

Funeral acolytes who volunteer (using an on-call system) to attend and serve at funeral liturgies, provide a willing presence as ministers to those who are suffering the loss of a loved one. On occasion, an acolyte may be called upon to be a lector or Eucharistic minister during the Mass.

Please call the Parish Office at (508) 775-5744 if you are interested in serving in this ministry, or send an email to