The Catholic Cancer Support Group


"Many of the miracles with Jesus Christ happened at his amazement of the extraordinary faith in ordinary people. The
Catholic Cancer Support Group Our Lady of Victory is a meeting place for all those who still believe miracles happen.”

Father Mark Hession, Former Pastor
Our Lady of Victory Parish

We are a faith-based support group. All are welcome - patients, survivors, caregivers, family, friends.
Each session will start with celebration of Mass and the anointing the sick. Following Mass there will short presentation with an opportunity to ask questions, have a cup of coffee and chat with other members.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of the Month, beginning with Mass at 6 p.m., at the Parish Center of Our Lady of Victory. To be added to the email list, please send an email to

“As a lifelong Catholic, I never dreamed that the compassionate care of people with cancer would claim my heart. At
73 I am still learning my faith is the victory and our hope.”

Joseph Gill, Former Chair, The Catholic Cancer Support Group at Our Lady of Victory

Reasons to attend:

  • Faith-based, celebrate Mass with other patients, survivors, caregivers, friends and family.

  • Expert and inspirational speakers will cover topics helpful and pertinent to cancer survivors.
  • Enjoy the fellowship and experiences of others in the same circumstances.
  • Free – no charges – no obligations.
  • Establish and improve your network of doctors and other providers.
  • Emotional support for you and your family and friends.
  • A local Cape resource with a convenient mid-Cape location.
  • A support group that will understand your issues and concerns.

  • When love, faith, hope & understanding work together, they create an inner peace, leading to the acceptance of who
    we are, no matter what happens to us. Our faith is our hope. When there is Faith, there is no fear.

    “The purpose of any cancer support group is to help people with the diagnosis of cancer deal with the disease with purpose, courage, and hope. Everyone is entitled to hope: for a cure, to live until a specific event happens, to go on living with the disease, to enjoy life, for a peaceful death. How do patients and their families find the strength to deal
    with the diagnosis? They rely on others for help and guidance and they gather strength to do this from others who have been on the same journey. How does this particular faith-based cancer support group differ from other support groups? It is sacramental and provides grace and spiritual blessing to help the cancer patient cope with the diagnosis of cancer.”

    Dr. W. J. Connolly, Former Chief of Staff, Cape Cod Hospital

    Help us help others in need of support dealing with the diagnosis of cancer or coping with the loss of a loved one due
    to cancer. We are a non-profit support group – all donations are gratefully accepted.

    The Catholic Cancer Support Group
    at Our Lady of Victory
    230 South Main St., Centerville, MA 02632

Please call the Parish Office at (508) 775-5744 or