Finance Council

Under the direction of the pastor, the members of the Finance Council are charged with ensuring financial policies and procedures are in keeping with the parish mission.

The mission of the Finance Council is as follows:

The purpose of the Finance Council is consultative to the Pastor to help ensure that the financial affairs of Our Lady of Victory are properly conducted, supervised and reported. Through proper management of the parish's financial affairs, the Finance Council is able to assist the Pastor, Pastoral Council and community in fulfilling the parish's Mission Statement of "Like Living Stones, Let Yourselves be Built into a House of Faith".

The Finance Council ensures that a budget is prepared for each fiscal year for the church. The budgets reflect projected sources of income, both ordinary and extraordinary, operating expenses, capital improvements, debt service and ongoing cash position. The Finance Council endorses each budget and recommends them to the Pastor for implementation.

In addition, the Finance Council monitors performance against the budget on a quarterly basis and reports on the performance to the Pastoral Council. The Finance Council is also responsible for preparing and distributing to the Parish annually a Stewardship Report which summarized the past performance and the current budget. In addition, the Finance Council shall be responsible for development of stewardship campaigns to ensure adequate revenue to meet parish needs.