Male Spirituality

If you would like to have a more beautiful closeness with God...If you would like to have some better sense of self, which you probably didn’t know you had...then come to the Men’s Spirituality Group meeting. We meet the first Monday of each month in Room M1, 7pm to 8:30pm. You will be home before Monday Night Football starts!  We don’t purport to have all the answers, we’re just a bunch of guys (ages 18 to 85) trying to make sense of the spirituality in our lives. When we finish in June, you will have a closer relationship with God, your fellow members and your church, then when you started. This year there will be a 15 minute video by acclaimed author, speaker, well-known lecturer and theologian,

Father Robert Barron. We will spend the rest of the time discussing each lecture presented as it relates to our own spirituality.

Please bring a friend and God Bless to all. Any questions, call Bob Donahue, 508-775-8708 or Dick LeJava, 508-776-7194