Hello to the many friends of our parish family - new additions to our volunteer corps, “senior” members with years of sharing time and talents, and those who are “tasting” the many opportunities to serve others in response to the call of Jesus.

It’s a pleasure to greet you here on our Ministries Directory for our faith community.  For more than 50 years we have shared our faith around the Eucharistic Table and brought that fellowship into the community all around us.

Since our founding, parish members have distinguished themselves with following through on our baptismal identity by becoming a family of faith.  Parishioners at Our Lady of Victory have moved miles beyond those who merely want to fill the obligation for Sunday Mass, and hope for clear sailing in the parking lot when the service is “over.” For those who share in the vibrant life of the parish, “We leave to serve,” and the end of Mass is only the beginning - of the “service.” 

Remembering Saint Paul’s instruction, we honor the different gifts of the Spirit manifest in so many ways. Some are called to service at the Table - as lectors, servers, cantors, sacristans, funeral acolytes, or greeters.  Others are called to social and pastoral service to the hungry, the homeless, the imprisoned, the unborn, the sick in home or hospital. Some love to assist in planning a wedding; some are compelled to console the dying and bereaving; some educate the young or adults and hand on the faith.  All are welcome in this place!

Please visit the pages below, or drop in for coffee at our welcoming and most “interactive” parish office.  Let us know where your gifts and the Spirit lead you, to lead us, to a life of joy in service to others.

With gratitude that you are following in The Way,

(Rev). John J. Perry, Pastor


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