Ministry of the Month

Ministry of the Month

Did you know we have over 40 active ministries here at Our Lady of Victory Parish? Periodically we'll feature a different Ministry. We hope you enjoy reading about how our brothers and sisters are helping the community and our fellow parishioners.


PLEASE NOTE: These articles were created several years ago, and much of the information may have changed. Because they provide a peak into what the goals of these ministries are and were, we are leaving them here for all to view.


Gathering Grandmothers

Every Friday, a few minutes before noon, a group of women arrive at Our Lady of Victory. We know them as the Gathering Grandmothers. Their ministry is one of prayer and support for grandchildren destined to grow up in a post 9/11 world. They are the elders in our church family and the wisest of our Generations in Faith Together (GIFT). On first Fridays, their hour of prayer concludes with Benediction. Our Lady of Victory counts on these faith filled women for their spiritual experience at GIFT. We meet them at Mass and we meet them on Facebook. They represent between 200 and 300 parishioners of their generation. They are our Gathering Grandmothers---our Ministry of the Month. Read more >>

St. Francis wanted to be a channel of God's peace. In a way, our lectors are channels of God's word. Every time we come to Mass, He speaks to us through a fellow parishioner, a man or woman who reads from the Hebrew scriptures and New Testament the lessons of the day. We answer by saying "thanks be to God." The lector or reader also leads us in the petitions or prayers of the faithful, all of which form part of the Liturgy of the Word. Read more >>

Eucharistic Ministers
Though it is believed that lay people had some role in “communion” in the early Church, by the seventh century, that role was specifically prohibited. The role of Eucharistic Minister in the Church emerged just after, and as a result of, the Second Vatican Council in the 1960's. It is a mission, a calling, that has evolved over the last half century into one of the most meaningful of the ministries. What greater calling than to participate with the Priest in the sharing of the Body and Blood of Christ with the congregation - the family - of our Parish. Read more >>


It's one of the most joyful parts of the Easter Vigil-- the moment when mature men and women step forward to be welcomed into Our Lady of Victory Catholic Community.
These candidates have come through a process known as the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults--RCIA. For several months they have been preparing to receive the sacraments necessary to bring them into full membership in the Church. Applause greets the new Catholics as they join our OLV family and take their place at the Eucharistic Table. The RCIA journey begins in mid-winter. Under Father Hession's supervision, a team headed by Adelaide Queeney stands ready to meet with adults who wish to learn more about our faith.Through Sunday formation meetings, attendance at Mass and prayerful discussion, candidates become familiar with the practices of the church.

Knights of Columbus
"People know us as the guys in the yellow aprons we see after Mass, handing out tootsie rolls." Wally Arcese smiles as he evokes the familiar image of the Knights of Columbus, our Ministry of the Month. As Grand Knight of Council 2525, he is proud of the many good works undertaken by these modern day knights who meet every month at Our Lady of Victory. Read more >>

Ministry of Hope
We are blessed with such a vibrant, dynamic faith community here at OLV Parish. Each month we will be highlighting one or more of our many ministries. We hope you’ll be inspired by those that serve. We are pleased to introduce a new feature, Ministry of the Month. It is a profile of our Ministry of Hope and Director Sheila Murphy. In the months ahead, we will focus on other ways our fellow parishioners share their faith and put it into action. Read more >>