Parish Nurses

The Parish Nurse Ministry integrates the practice of faith with the practice of nursing, and is committed to promoting health and healing of mind, body, and spirit within our faith community.

A parish nurse is a health care professional who works within their parish community to assist individuals and groups in their growth toward healthy living and wellness.  The nurse is not a primary health care provider, but one who facilitates the use of available resources of the community and the Church for the sake of individuals or families in need.

The following are the functions of the Parish Nurse:
As a health educator, the nurse provides formal and informal health information to the community.

As a personal health counselor, the nurse is available to provide personal health counseling and recommendations in various settings, including the home, hospital and nursing homes.

As integrator of congregational and community resources, the nurse works closely with the community in seeking resources and integrating services.

As developer of support groups, the nurse may initiate and facilitate groups as needed in the community.

As trainer of volunteers, the nurse provides training in the Faith in Action program to provide various services to the community.

As integrator of faith and health, the nurse uses every opportunity to help people understand the relationship between faith and the power of prayer and their overall health and well being.

As health advocate, the nurse works as an advocate for individuals in the community to ensure they are receiving the optimal care and services needed.

To contact the Parish Nurse or for more information, call the Parish Office at (508) 775-5744, or send an email to