REC stands for Residents Encounter Christ, a three-day retreat modeled on the Cursillo retreat. The weekends are held in the Barnstable County Jail in Bourne, next to Otis AFB. Each year three weekends are offered to the men and three to the women.

Like Cursillo, the REC Team members are volunteers who go in, sit with residents, give talks and share their lives. They try to show the residents that there is hope in following Christ. REC Team consists of 20-30 members, men and women. Our goal is to try to break the cycle of recidivism and to encourage residents, many of whom were victims of abuse who turn to alcohol and drugs to consider the hope offered by following Christ as they also work the 12 Step Program to sobriety and productive living.

Teams start preparation 6 to 8 weeks in advance, with the assignment of talks, practicing of talks and choosing of table partners on the weekend. There are usually 5 talks a day followed by discussion at the tables and then making of posters and presentation of the posters of each table to the group summarizing what the table members felt was important after each talk. There are 2 team members at each table, which usually has 4 to 6 residents. Music Ministry plays guitars and lead singing on the weekend.

Several Priests come into the jail during the weekends to hear confessions of the residents; also a Priest comes in to celebrate Mass on Sunday.

Another REC ministry is the After-REC program which meet on Sunday nights, from 6 to 8 at Catholic Social Services on South Street in Hyannis. We listen and encourage those who have been released from jail to continue to persevere and keep the faith, and to abstain from alcohol and drugs.

To participate as a volunteer fro a REC weekend you must sign a background data sheet for clearance to enter the jail. This vital and important Ministry is waiting for you.

Will you answer Jesus’ call and join a team of volunteers?

Please call the Parish Office at (508) 775-5744 if you are interested in serving in this ministry, or send an email to