St. Clare's

St. Clare’s is a transitional home for women who have formerly been incarcerated.
St.Clare’s is located in Hyannis.

Our vision at St. Clare’s is to provide a home where women can live in transition while they work on recovery from whatever may have brought them to incarceration. Each woman is encouraged to grow spiritually and emotionally through prayer, community, education and counseling.

The program has two fulltime and two part time staff members who manage the day-to-day activities along with coordinating volunteers in support of these activities. The number of women can vary from one to as many as six residents.

There are currently 50 volunteers. All volunteers must complete in-house training. Training consists of 4 sessions, which provide an overview of the St. Clare’s program and what is required of a volunteer. The training sessions are conducted annually usually in April, and are announced in advance through church bulletins Cape wide.

To help the residents in their recovery, typical volunteer responsibilities may include driving to appointments such as doctors, AA meetings, school, or providing a special service like computer training, or just being there to listen to them. It is our prayer and wishes to provide a loving home and an opportunity for some very special women to make a difference in their lives.