What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is not simply making donations or taking care of the building and grounds.
It is a spirituality—hence a way of life—made of four parts

  • Receiving the gifts of God with gratitude
  • Cultivating them responsibly
  • Sharing them lovingly in justice with others
  • Standing before the Lord in a spirit of accountability

Stewardship of Time and Talent
There are many opportunities for you to share your Time and Talent at Our Lady of Victory Parish! Please review our Ministries page to learn about the varied ministries and groups that are active here.

Stewardship of Treasure
Our Lady of Victory utilizes both the envelope system and electronic giving. You can choose to receive weekly envelopes which include any scheduled special collections, both Diocesan and Parish. Simply call the Parish Office and ask to be placed on the list.

You may chose a recurring, Automated Giving option, or make a one-time donation on the Parish Pay site as well!

Automated Giving

After careful consideration, we chose Parish Pay for electronic giving. See below for FAQs, or download the info sheet and registration form here.

Parishioner's Guide to the Parish Pay Program

Q:        What is Automated Giving Program?
A:         It is a means for you to provide prayerful financial support to the parish through monthly contributions
from your checking, savings, or major credit card account. There is NO cost to you to participate!

Q:        When is the donation processed?
A:         Donations are processed on the 5th of the month.

Q:        How does it relate to the weekly envelopes?
A:         Parish Pay replaces the weekly envelopes. Special donation slips are available by request for you to
place in the collection basket. You may also request to continue receiving envelopes.

Q:        Can I contribute to second collections via Parish Pay?
A:         Absolutely! See the registration form for a listing and the Special Collections page for more information about
each collection.

Q:        Can I make a one-time gift?
A:         Yes, one-time gifts are graciously accepted.

Q:        How do I enroll, cancel, or make changes?
A:         Simply fill out an enrollment form (available in the Parish Office and here) and return to the
Business Office, or via Parish Pay directly at, or 1.866.PARISH1.

You can use Parish Pay for your weekly offering, special collections, and for donations to the Annual Appeal or the Catholic Cancer Support Group.

Donate to the Parish via Parish Pay